Wednesday, May 26, 2010

People Released from Demons

One of the resent displays of the power of God during the Mission Weeks has been people being set free of demonic oppression; in two cases there was even a need for the persons to consult an exorcist.

Some of the deliverances have occurred in the middle of my preaching. I will get a sense that a certain demon is in the room. Without the people knowing of what I am doing, I will turn toward the Blessed Sacrament and under my breath I will rebuke the demons that the Holy Spirit is showing me. Sometimes people will stand up and vomit right there in the church immediately after I rebuke and bind the demon. In other cases people have stood up and began to curse and become violent. (This makes you want to attend one of the Mission Weeks, doesn’t it?) At other times the demons manifest during the time of laying on of hands.

In most cases there is howling, convulsions of the oppressed bodies and contortions of the facial muscles. One woman slithered on her back like a snake between the people. It is a battle for them just to confess that “Jesus Christ has come in the flesh”. When I asked the Holy Spirit why this confession was so important, I was instructed that Jesus’ incarnation gave him his blood with which to redeem and save us.

In all cases Jesus shows himself to be victorious with people reporting to me that they are like new. Many of these people have sought out counseling for years with little progress, but then Jesus steps into their life as the “vanquisher of hell” and sets them free.

Parishes Set on Fire

Ivan Barnes, the parish administrator at St Matthews in Kalispell, MT, wrote,

“Do yourself a favor and bring Brendan to your parish! The Holy Spirit along with Brendan’s help filled our Church every day and night that we hosted a mission component led by Brendan. The man knows how to fire people up and get them moving in their Faith. However, if you are comfortable where you are and don’t want to liven up your parish…, don’t hire Brendan. Also, be certain the parish is prepared to handle the Truth!

Parishes are experiencing deep hunger for the presence and power of God and undergoing radical commitments to Jesus in His Church after a Parish Mission Week is presented. Examples of this are St Anne’s in Medical Lake, WA; Immaculate Conception in Dardene Prairie, MO; Our Lady of Fatima in Moses Lake, WA; St Matthew’s in Kalispell, MT; Our Lady of Guadalupe Cathedral in Dodge City, KS. Priests are reporting to me an increase in the parish collection as many have come to make a commitment to tithing.

Major Catholic University

Please pray as a major Catholic University is considering having me do a week of “Revival” for its students.

Our Lady of the New Pentecost: Pray for Us!

Monday, June 8, 2009

June 2009 Newsletter

Brothers and Sisters, Co-workers in the New Pentecost,
“All for the Gospel!”
Marriage Restored
One of the components that I offer during the Mission Week is a Separated and Divorced Dinner. The great fruit of this time is for people to come to a full Catholic understanding of marriage and annulments. There is much misunderstanding of both of these topics.
A mother brought her daughter that was separated and headed for divorce. The daughter was so touched by the talk that I gave that she asked her separated husband to meet with me. 10 minutes before the Evening Adoration Session of the Mission was to begin, the couple approached me at the front of the church. I told them that there was not much time so we were going to pray and ask the Lord to move. As I laid hands on the young man, the eternal Father, through prophecy, began to speak to Him. He was brought to tears. After the prophecy I instructed him that he needed to repent and both of them needed to go to confession. Mind you, neither of them had been to confession in years. They did go to confession, renewed their vows, and now they are back together.
Marriage Strengthened
Megan wrote:
“Truly, truly, prior to Brendan Case's mission at Holy Spirit, you could say I felt as if my husband wasn't catholic enough :),  but now a huge change has taken place in him.  He wasn't about to go to the mission's last night (Thursday) since I had him worried (he was scared) with the changes taking place in me after I was Baptized with the Holy Spirit and experiencing the Presence of God.  I prayed over his heart that Wednesday night after returning from the mission when he wouldn't even speak to me (as he was sleeping).  The next morning, he was off to work with no words, I felt that I needed to call my parents to have them come down from Ellensburg to attend with me in order for Nate to even consider (thanks to the Holy Spirit); as I knew he needed to be there for me to be able to move forward with my faith and what the Lord asks of us.  Nate unexpectedly came home early that morning from work to talk about what was happening and opened up to me. I was able to explain what I was experiencing by reading the passages that Brendan had given to us the previous days at the mission.  My dad, Nate and I attended that last night. Thank you, Brendan, for your awesome prayer over us and our marriage.  I can tell you Nate has had a huge change of heart towards reading the Bible (now it’s every day), he started a men's Bible study on Tuesday early mornings, we pray a daily Rosary and attend a weekly Rosary group, our music choice is Christian radio and television as well.  We have also acquired a huge sense of peace even though he has been laid off of his job for almost two months ago and we are praising God every morning for what will be (so he has been reading Job a lot too!  :)  Thank you again and again. May God continue to bless you and your amazing ministry.”
Prophecy Fulfilled
Steve of Casa Grande, AZ wrote:
“Let me tell you about what happened to me recently!
Remember, when you came to visit our parish (St. Anthony of Padua) in Casa Grande, Arizona? You prayed a blessing over me and received a word from God that I was to go on a vacation involving beaches, water, sand, etc. You said that I would not feel safe to go because it would leave my business unattended. You told me that my boss would want me to go and that I should not stay at home. Well, I thought, "we'll see. As if my boss would ever want me to go on vacation!"
Sure enough about three weeks after you spoke this word of prophecy, I was told by my boss (he's also my business partner and best friend) that he wanted me to go with them on his family vacation to a Caribbean Island. I wouldn't have to pay for airline or hotel. I thought it was a bad idea that both of us would be away from the office at the same time. But remembering God's word, I took the vacation in spite of my apprehension.
I had a great time. Not only would I not have gone if you hadn't foretold of my trip, but even if I had gone, I would have been worried. As it happens, though some minor problems arose at the office while I was gone, none of the problems would have been able to have been addressed any better or faster had I stayed at work. I swam, I relaxed, I went snorkeling, I went hiking, I saw monkeys, I swam in a jungle waterfall pool. I had a great time.”
Summer Financial Support Needed
The summer is a difficult time for us in that parishes rarely schedule Missions. Would you consider sharing at least $25.00 with our family to help us through this time? We are in need of 200 people sharing $25.00 to help us through June and July. You will literally be paying our mortgage, our electricity and buying our milk (Let’s not forget the most important purchase –Diapers!). For anything you can share – Thank you! Your gift will also go to repair the machine that I use to duplicate the CDs I give away at the Missions. The repair cost is $350.00.  
            What will I do with these months? Part of my time will be spent recording Catholic radio shows for a local secular station. I will also be working on tools to give to parishes that will aid them with the follow up after Parish Missions. So many people are being Baptized in the Holy Spirit and receiving charismatic gifts. This year, so far, easily over 4,000 people have received the Baptism of the Spirit. Priest are telling me that their parishes are being radically changed, but they don’t know what to do. The Lord is using this summer for me to write and record. Let me be forward – you will be supporting me while I do this. Again, thank you!
Another Baby on the Way! YEAH!
We are blessed to announce that the Lord has given us child number five. The baby is due on December 4th. YEAH! So far the names are Micah James or Sarah Marie. Andrea, my wife, is doing excellent.
We are starting to get those rude comments - “Don’t you know what causes that?” My response, “Yes, I do. Love! Andrea and I love each other and want to share that love. Do you think that we should stop loving each other and sharing our love?”
In Christ Jesus,

Brendan Case

Deus Solus

Our Lady of the New Pentecost: Pray for Us!

Monday, April 13, 2009


Scotia, CA
First of all, thank you for your financial support of my family so that I could preach the December Scotia/Garberville, CA Mission. The parish was very small and we did receive $600.00 from the small group of people that attended the Mission. Because of you, not one of my bills was late. Thank you especially to Helen and Kay. These two majorly took care of our household financial needs for that month.
Brendan in Public High Schools
Usual to the Missions that I present is either a session or day retreat with the high school teens of the parish. At the end of this time I inform the teens that if they invite me I can come to their public school, bring them lunch, and speak about God and the Church. One of the exciting aspects to this is that the teens will bring their Protestant or non-churched friends and many of these friends then begin to attend the Catholic Church. The real goal is for the teens then want to form a “Catholic Club” at their public high school. I set these clubs up in the following way:
  1. The Club meets once a week
  2. The parish provides a free lunch for the teens.
  3. Speakers are set up to teach the faith. One of the teens must loudly say to the presenter “Tell us something about God.”
An example of the success of this model is occurring at the Grand View High School in Grand View, WA. At this Club they are averaging 30 teens attending on a weekly basis.
The following is a testimony of a teen from the Church who invited her agnostic friend to one of the school gatherings.
Partners, those who support me – this is the work that you are doing. Thank you for your support!
Can you believe the atheists want to take 'so help me God' out of the oath of office for the inauguration?”, I asked my friend Megan who shocked me by nodding and replying that she agreed completely.  Stunned, I asked her if she was an atheist.  "No." she replied, "Agnostic."  Oh wow!  This took me by surprise - here I am thinking she's just one of those people who says they don't have a religion and she comes back at me with fire in her eyes claiming she doesn't believe in a God, just a big power up there somewhere.'  Boy, you can imagine my first thoughts - is she serious?!?  Well, after a few brief arguments, we decided to let the subject lie for a while before we totally ruined our relationship.  See, it just wasn't God's time yet. This was a week before you, Brendan, came to our church.  After hearing your talk about the Holy Spirit being a person, not a power, I was pretty riled up to talk to Megan again.  But it still wasn't God’s time yet.  Then, after listening to your story about the atheist at Burger King, and your offer to come talk at our schools, I knew this was it.  I decided to take you up on that offer and was going to do anything I could to get Megan there.  Well, either God softened up her heart before I even spoke to her, or she was ready to prove me wrong, because one day, when we were saying the pledge of allegiance in school, I noticed she skipped the "under God" part.  Well that drove me to the point of insanity.  Again stunned, I asked her if she had really meant to skip that part or if it was just coincidence.  Well, it wasn't, and I wasn't going to let that happen again.  I said "Megan, this guy named Brendan Case is coming to our school tomorrow, and he's going to talk about God.  I think you need to come have lunch with me tomorrow - there will even be pizza."  Well, again she surprised me with a simple "OK, your on" and that was it.  The next day, she showed up and sat right behind me for lunch.  I kept turning around to see what she was thinking and every time I looked, she was beaming.  I've never seen her smile so much the whole time I've known her - it was God!  Afterwards, I asked her what she thought and she said she really liked the way you got your points across.  I could tell she wasn't totally convinced though. The next day I was surprised yet again when she asked if she could come again the second time.  (Megan is a very surprising person)  Of course I said YES!  I was so happy!  Well, after our second meeting, I asked her what she thought that time and you know what she said... "He's a great speaker and the things he talks about are really true"  TRUE!!!!!!  She said TRUE!  I could tell by the look on her face that she now believes there is some type of God out there, and I'm set on introducing Him to her. 
Please pray for us, and pray that she will turn her life over to Jesus!!!!!!!
Love & God Bless,
~from Holy Spirit Parish and Kamiakin High
Next, Becca wrote:
Hey, Brendon, how are ya?
God is coming out full force - He got my agnostic friend to say the "Under God" part of the pledge of allegiance!!!!!! This is a HUGE step for her - she acknowledged that there is a God!  Praise the Lord!!!!!!!!!!!!
Love & God Bless,
PS Thanks!
Holy Spirit Parish Kennewick, WA
The Mission at Holy Spirit Parish in Kennewick, by the grace of God, was an overwhelming success. Over 110 couples attend the Couple’s Dinner; 96 men attended the Men’s Prayer Breakfast; 140 some woman attended the Women’s Luncheon; the priest heard over 2 ½ hours of confession during the Evening Sessions; the Morning School of the Spiritual Life attracted about 100; the teen gathering had over 80 teens; at two Public High Schools we drew over 50 teens for lunch at each school; and I prayed over 300 people each night who each received a word of knowledge and prophecy. 
Father Auve called a follow up to the Mission with over 100 attending. Here’s is what the parish secretary, Roberta, sent me:
About 100 + people in attendance.  Lots of discussion of ideas.  Fr. Auve then asked for commitment of people for the various ideas.  Some ideas had great support, some less, some none.  Interest was strong for a potluck once a month before the weekly prayer/praise gathering. (Both potluck and gathering would be new to the parish.)  Strong interest in EXALT, like is done at Christ the King in Richland, WA by Johnny.  Good support of older married couples to mentor other married couples.  Good interest in a Men's Prayer gathering.  Good interest in a one on one prayer ministry starting.  Many other ideas were brought forward, with varying levels of support.   The mission was a great kick from the Holy Spirit to get moving.  Keep praying.
Danielle wrote:
Oh, you have made a huge impact on our church and on the lives of the people of this church! I was talking to my teacher one day (yes, she is Christian), telling her about the day of the mission when we were speaking in tongues. She frowned, cocked her head and said, “What? Catholics aren't supposed to do that kind of stuff! Aren't the Charismatics supposed to be like that?". Inside I was thinking "Oh yeah! Catholics can be as close to the Holy Spirit as Charismatics! Don't believe me? You better talk to Brendan about that and come to the Mission on Thursday!". Yes, this experience was absolutely amazing! At the point of my life I was in before the mission was probably the hardest time of my entire life. I was rebellious, dis-obedient (all that mean teenager stuff) and I had never felt as far from God. The first day of the Mission, I was skeptical. I was thinking "Another one of those things were the speaker points at you and yells 'SINNER!!! REPENT OR YOU WILL GO TO HELL!'. That's not what it was at all! I warmed up to you after the first night. I felt that God was close to me. That was the first time I had actually prayed without duty or force. Now, I am closer to God than I have ever been: because you showed me His love. And His love has stayed with me since.
Brendan, I want to thank you very much that you took time out of your life to come to our church and talk to us. I am looking forward to you coming back to Tri-Cities (St. Pat's). See you than!
Megan wrote:
Since the Mission, Nate and I have been reading Scripture daily and I am proud to tell you that Anna (the three, almost four-year-old) has been leading the Hail Mary's in our nightly Rosary!
Lee wrote:
Wednesday night I was the praying the rosary (bless you I’ve rediscovered the rosary), people are talking in tongues, going down, I hope, being healed. I stayed as long as I could and made my way home around 11:00.  I checked in with the wife and told her I’d be downstairs reading the Bible (we both wink wink nudge nudged.)  I turned on the TV to watch the episode of 24 I’d taped earlier in the week.  I turned on my brand new laptop to play video poker (no money) at the same time.  About 15 minutes into the show, and I was doing good at video poker, Jesus called me.  It was quite clear and I told him, not now Jesus.  I’m tired.  Brendan challenged me tonight.  I’m tired.  Time for me to wind down.  15 minutes later, “Lee…”
“Oh Jesus, I’m so tired, I’m drinking this beer, let me wind down and go to bed.”
My computer dies!  (Probably for my sins.)  I take no hint.  I spend 15 minutes rebooting (saving) my computer and I move on to my next show.  “Lee…”
Okay Jesus, you win.  I turned off the computer and the TV.
I opened myself up and Jesus came to me. I laid, splayed on the couch, crying.  I told him I was angry about being abandoned in my time of need.  I can’t tell you what Jesus told me, because it was not so much an apology, but he made it right.  I did not speak in tongues, but the Spirit took over and I said something over and over for an hour.  It was a kind of apology for being so far away for so long.  I don’t remember exactly what I was saying, but it was a gift, not my choice.  Abba, Daddy, My Father talked to me about being a parent.  Jesus my 1st Brother talked to me about being a husband.  And the Spirit, She said I need to talk to you.
God Bless You,
This is the first true praying I’ve done in years. 
Teenager Gives Car Money
One of the most humbling experiences that I have ever had in ministry was recently at a Mission Week when a father approached me with his teenage daughter. The father handed me an envelope and then went on to tell me that his daughter had been working to buy a car. He informed me that she asked if instead of buying a car, she could give my ministry the $1,300.00 she had earned. Needless to say this rent my heart in two! May the Lord bless this family, and this girl, for their kindness.
Upcoming Missions
Ellensburg, WA                    St Andrew’s                          April 17th-23rd
Stevenson, WA                    Our Lady, Star of the Sea   April 24th-26th 
In Christ Jesus,

Brendan Case

Deus Solus

Our Lady of the New Pentecost: Pray for Us!